Why having a cloud system is essential for ERPs

In the current business market, ERPs become an ideal and strategic business partner because they provide support to the company, not only because they are considered  management software, but also for being an essential tool for digital transformation.

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These systems allow you to manage the processes that provide the conditions to accelerate the growth of the company.

The high volume of information managed by companies makes it necessary to have an additional backup and the solution is a cloud system. It optimizes the use of resources and bandwidth, high availability, cost reductions and information governability to comply with the highest security standards. Therefore, by improving ERP systems you can get better results in productivity and sales.

Three reasons to join the cloud

  1. Access to data center: The data centers of technology providers are hosted outside the customer’s premises. Users have access to the system through the internet. The majority of cloud service providers manage the upgrades of solutions and data protection of their customers.
  2. Business strategy: Cloud servers are technological partners and a hosting service provider for ERPs, especially when they can apply personalized solutions to their products with adaptability to each business model generating an optimization of resources. IFX Networks has the versatility to function agnostically adding virtues to the technological architectures of each customer.
  3. Security: Information is the most important asset of a company. The data governance that the cloud offers stops information from leaving the company, allowing a centralized management of all the data. When it’s time to look for cloud solutions, it is fundamental to find extensive and robust cloud solutions with various layers of security.