Teleworking: Maximize its benefits by avoiding its risks

*By Camilo Silva Chavez, IFX Networks Regional Product Specialist.

2020 completely transformed companies in terms of digitalization. Regardless of their size or category, companies were forced to redefine themselves to face the year’s challenges. According to a study by Glue Executive Search, 78% of companies in Argentina underwent digital transformation and 66% claim to have dedicated a significant portion of their time to the transformation process.

Undoubtedly, this “new normal” created a paradigm shift throughout all areas of every company. Many companies adapted in an attempt to conserve normal operations, while others took this shift as a chance to expand and take advantage of business opportunities in other markets.

The home office trend accentuated social, preventive, and mandatory distancing. Consequently, since employees needed access to their company’s applications and network from different locations, the trend became a source of connectivity issues in terms of speed and data vulnerability: security breaches, increased advanced attacks to capture credentials and hijack information, use of unsafe connections to access remote resources or hosted in main offices, etc.

Solutions that provide a safe connection from any location

This issue made it essential for companies to acquire solutions that could ensure ongoing, effective, and safe operations from remote locations. At IFX Networks we have been working as a business partner with VMware in Latin America to develop a new service: Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN). This service allows multiple, agile connection points regardless of their geographical distance, based on configuration and authentication schemes that are predefined by the solution administrator.

Its main benefits include access to more stable schemes, and customer service support and optimization. It also includes an improved user experience for several applications, high-performance security, real-time administration and management, deployment versatility and greater connection reliability.

Two options were developed for this service according to the needs and requirements of each organization:

  • SD-WAN MSP: The solution is fully managed by IFX and is custom designed for each organization.
  • SD-WAN as a Service: the solution is offered as an infrastructure for each organization to manage autonomously.

This service can increase company growth projection considerably, in addition to significantly reducing costs and helping companies face the new challenges brought on by digital transformation. Organizations around the world are going through an accelerated cloud service migration process. This implies having robust security schemes and high quality, high availability connections to ensure that remote or decentralized work does not affect company or employee productivity. The future is now: digital transformation and technological evolution can’t wait. Unified communications with access to multi-cloud networking with advanced security features are the answer for the new short-term market leaders.