Simplifying critical data management

Digital transformation has become crucial for any company regardless of their size or industry and to support an effective performance you need essential tools.

Buenos Aires, July 12th, 2021 – Nowadays companies have a high technological dependence due to the digital transformation forced by the pandemic. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as a critical party in the local production and development are not an exception: they had to develop a digital culture in order to face the new challenges of the market. Based on the new context 88% of SMEs decided to digitalize their business  (1).

The transformation was based primarily on developing an IT infrastructure to allow employees work from different locations and add new sale points as E-commerce that in Argentina increased its billing in 124% in 2020(2).

This cloud-based IT infrastructure enables to store, manage and compute data through public, private or hybrid networks. It also provides benefits such as ubiquity, information security and optimization of budgets and investments.

Operating systems with a high processing power and prepared to manage high levels of data criticality are fundamental for effective work processes. In fact, 90% of corporate strategies rank this item as their most critical asset in 2022(3). Consequently, it is essential for businesses to invest in virtualization of their sensitive data.

“The best way to manage data is to have a cloud-infrastructure that provides efficiency, speed, compatibility and practicality in the visualization and most importantly security. The specific needs of each company and their characteristics define the most adequate cloud infrastructure in each case”, stated Hernan Sabbi, IFX Networks Product Leader

In this context, IFX Networks developed IFX Cloud Power Server; a solution that aims at simplifying sensitive data management. It is based on RISC technology that enables to manage mission critical workloads in a safe and reliable way using an efficient methodology with ultra-high performance at affordable prices. It is an infrastructure that can be adapted to the IT requirements of any company regardless of their size or industry.

“IFX Cloud Power Server is a powerful tool for SMEs as it provides the technology to satisfy diverse requirements such as backup copies, qualified and certified personnel, security, SSD disks, among other benefits” highlighted Sabbi.


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