IFX Networks presents WIFI solution as a service

IFX Networks announces IFX WIFIaaS, a wireless network service with all the benefits of WiFi, without operational issues, high investments or functional risks.

IFX WIFIaaS has helped IFX Networks establish itself as one of the main Managed Service Providers (MSP) in the region.

The new service gives a wide variety of solutions. They not only help in high-density customer scenarios and construction materials that affect the WIFI signal, but also in normal conditions.

Thanks to IFX, companies in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Panama and Guatemala now have a managed and high-performance wireless solution. The service has 99.7% availability and was designed for users to navigate safely using their mobile devices.


Main benefits:


System administration and control. It’s an expandable network management and control system that covers architectural requirements of organizations of all types and sizes.

Connection equity. It ensures that all connected clients have the same amount of connection, regardless of the data rate of each device.

Decongestion. Its technology allows a limited administration framework exchange between Access Point and high-density clients.

Asset tracking. Track the location of a device using Wi-Fi and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags or a combination of both.

Quick and secure connection. It ensures a fast and secure connection with features that protect the network and its users.

Specialized service management provider. The service’s functionality, maintenance and administration are carried out by experts. The company’s entire solutions and services portfolio is backed by a modern Control Center that provides tech support 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our customers’ flexibility and practicality requirements for wireless connection increase every day. According to Diego Jiménez, Regional Product Leader of the company, this is the main reason why IFX Networks develops and adopts cutting-edge technologies that respond to today’s toughest challenges.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, the company currently covers 17 countries, has 12 data centers and serves more than 2,200 clients, including companies in the corporate sector, government sector institutions and IT channels.

“The challenge of competing and becoming more efficient has made companies understand the strategic convenience of delegating their technological processes to an external provider that is responsible for managing all technological processes. This allows the company to focus its resources on business priorities instead of operational issues,” explains Adriana Jiménez, the company’s Product Specialist.