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IFX Networks obtains Tier III Certification for its new data center in Bogotá

This important certification ensures that a data center’s structure complies with global standards
of safety, energy, sustainability and productivity with a 99.982% uptime percentage per year.


Bogotá, April 2019


IFX Networks, a managed service provider of telecommunications and IT services received Tier III
Certification of Design Documents for its data center in Bogotá. This certification was granted by
the Uptime Institute ensuring that the structure complies with global standards of physical and
logical topology: cooling, electricity, sustainability and productivity time; as well as with
procedures and availability to identify and isolate eventual problems.

A data center with Tier III Certification has a 99.982% availability thanks to an investment in
redundancy, ensuring that each strategic component has backup and that, if a failure occurs, it can
continue working.

"This Tier III Certification ratifies our commitment with companies and organizations that rely on
our experience, human resources, best practices and infrastructure. Increased productivity,
compliance with international regulations, protection of information and operation continuity are
some of the benefits for our customers", explained Luis Gabriel Castellanos, IFX Networks
Colombia -Country Manager.

The data center is located in Torre Central Building, in Avenida El Dorado, in one of the most
important business areas in Bogotá. This data center is one of the three that IFX Networks has in
Colombia and is part of a total of 12, which are distributed throughout the region.