IFX Networks introduces IFX Cloud Power Server

IFX Networks’ newest service is making a once unattainable technology (due to its cost-benefit relationship) accessible to a broad number of companies, regardless of their business sector.

Information is one of the most valuable assets in a company; logically, businesses have strict standards when choosing a cloud infrastructure to store and manage their data. Companies take into consideration aspects such as efficiency, functionality, quality of service, speed, practical visualization, and above all security.

This is what IFX Cloud Power Server offers. The new cloud infrastructure from IFX Networks, based on RISC technology, complements the existing cloud offering based on x86 architecture, becoming the only cloud provider with both technologies in Latin America for select countries. IFX Cloud Power Server also offers the possibility of providing a cloud service regardless of the technology the customer needs. It provides customers with a technology that gives them the ability to handle mission-critical workloads safely and reliably with an efficient methodology and high-standard performance, all for a relatively low cost. The latter gives companies access to a technology that was previously unattainable due to its cost-benefit relationship, regardless of their business sector.

Opting for this new cloud infrastructure gives the customer enterprise-level solutions with great versatility, allowing them to operate within a spectrum of applications powerful enough to adapt to companies of all sizes.”, says Hernán Sabbi, Product Leader at IFX Networks. In this sense, this is an ideal platform for medium to large sized companies and multinationals. It is a product that brings world-class technology closer to SMEs that previously did not have access for different reasons.

IFX Cloud Power Server is based on PPC64 technology. It offers RISC computing services, dedicated or shared processing, physical micro-partitioning, and SSD disks with guaranteed IOPS. The service also avoids software hypervisors thanks to its hardware-integrated virtualization system.

If a company decides to acquire this tool, they will be able to decide whether they want a public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud. They can even opt for an interconnected service with x86 architecture using the IFX Cloud Server product. This allows full integration with the entire IFX Networks product portfolio, complementing the individual functionalities of each system with much better results: a synergy at the service of every organization’s specific needs.

According to Hernan Sabbi, “IFX Cloud Power Server simplifies tasks and reduces downtime and operational expenses, avoiding production halts due to errors or other causes. The product is already being used by several companies at a regional level and has exceeded our expectations. We hope it continues to grow as it was designed for customers and adapted to their needs.”