IFX Networks Argentina is proud to be the internet provider for Manuel Lemos Rural School 1 -387, in the city of Mendoza.

After more than an entire year of work, IFX Networks has succeeded in helping more than 90 children from Mendoza. Considering our commitment with education and after being given the possibility to reach out to the community with our solutions, we would proudly like to announce that Manuel Lemos Rural School 1-387, located on 3 de Febrero, La Consulta, San Carlos, Mendoza, has free internet access. This will allow the students to complete their school assignments which will, in turn, aid them in their learning process.

The school, made of stone and located near the river and mountainside, was built with great effort.  It has managed to grow thanks to the help provided by other companies and wineries in the area, which, like us, are committed to the education of the village’s children. The school educates 90 children ages 4 to 13 from preschool to elementary school. All students live in farm areas.

In 2018 and with great effort the school debuted its technology room which, until today, had been out of use due to lack of internet access. Nowadays the children have technology carts and tablets provided by the government. Added to the service provided by us, this will be an enormous step forward in their education.

The school implements PBL (Project Based Learning) in its curriculum. This means the children work on different projects to solve problems in their community such as how to obtain clean water in their town or how to determine soil fertility and its uses. Until recently, this type of research had to be carried out using the few books the school had. However, today they can do their research online thanks to the contribution IFX has provided.

“Having internet access is of fundamental importance for our students since it will help them develop academic literacy abilities according to their educational level. It will also help them develop digital literacy skills in accordance with the challenges we face not only today but those we will face in the near future ”, says Marcela Campos, the school principal.