IFX Networks becomes a strategic business partner in the digital transformation era

The IFX team strives to help its customers adapt to the ongoing digital transformation age and face the new era of business development. Located in 17 countries, IFX Networks operates mainly in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, and in the USA.

“A startup with 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry”: this is how IFX defines itself, making it clear that the company’s focus is providing flexible solutions, quick responses, and tight-knit relationships with its customers. These qualities are key in facing the industry’s current transformation rate with digital evolution at the forefront.

The IFX teams strives to help its customers adapt to the ongoing digital transformation age and face the new era of business development. Located in 17 countries, IFX Networks operates mainly in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, and in the USA.

Additionally, in terms of infrastructure, the company has 15 strategically distributed data centers throughout the region, providing globally oriented solutions and a robust regional structure that sets it aside from industry competitors.

Thanks to its comprehensive, custom-fit telecommunications solutions, IFX Networks has positioned itself as the best and most complete alternative in the domain of telecommunications, providing wide-ranging services to its customers with a focus on agility, quality and safety, establishing IFX as the number one Managed Service Provider in Latin America.


 “The pandemic has been the greatest accelerator of the digital transformation era”, says Carlos Oviedo, Country Manager for IFX Networks Chile and Argentina. He states that the current health crisis has allowed IFX to focus on improving by enhancing its human capital, processes and technology, and capitalizing on never-before-seen growth opportunities.

“Although we have more than two decades of experience, at IFX we like to be recognized as a 20-year-old startup,” says the executive. We are a highly responsive company with a profound process automation culture. As a result, we have swift response times when compared to market alternatives. This aspect is key and highly valued by our customers”, he adds.

The executive also acknowledged that, “Another relevant differentiating factor is our level of innovation. We put together a robust solutions portfolio to reach and support any industry in the market by deeply understanding our customers’ needs, their main growth drivers, and strategic pillars. This allows us to be an authentic partner for companies and help them deliver clear, concrete and measurable results throughout the digital transformation age.”

The learning, evolution, and adaptation processes in IFX Networks are constant. “We are not a perfect company, as no one is. However, we strive for constant improvement and are continuously creating projects and initiatives that drive us to be a better company. Additionally, our human capital is our center focus since they allow us to assist our clients with their growth strategies”, which can be attested by most of its 3,400 customers throughout the region.


In the midst of uncertainty, one thing is clear: the pandemic has been both an accelerator of digital transformation and an opportunity to achieve exceptional technological evolution.

For Carlos Oviedo, this means that “(…) previously inviable projects are now possible; ventures that before seemed distant are now in reach; transformation plans that were theoretically perceived as large investments or even expenses are now an essential, sustainability-leveraging investments”.

In this prolific context of digital transformation initiatives, IFX Networks establishes itself as a partner in the digital transformation era that can effectively aid business in committing to real, concrete measures on the path to digital transformation.

True to its style of humanizing change, the company has promoted a close internal policy based on three main pillars: people, processes, and technology.

“In terms of people, our focus is our associates. We strive to develop strategies based on, for example, care and self-care. From a technological point of view, telecommuting has never been an issue since IFX has been at the forefront of internal technology for decades with highly automated processes. In terms of processes, we continue to innovate, allowing us to work efficiently and systematically”, he adds.


“We are capable of supporting the growth and digital transformation of any industry in Chile. This is a tremendous responsibility that we take very seriously,” states Carlos Oviedo, who also identifies that some industries are falling behind while others are staying ahead during the current technological evolution. Consequently, it is essential to be able to analyze the current situation of each company. “The boards of directors and senior executives of the most advanced firms are keeping a future-oriented mindset, anticipating changes and capitalizing on opportunities to unprecedented levels”, says the executive.

Faced with this scenario of change and where technology and digitization are key, IFX has distinguished four central development pillars related to the family of solutions offered by the company.

• Communications: If communication highways are not well constructed from a connectivity point of view, this can constitute an issue.

• Cloud World: The digital transformation roadmap must be based on the reality of each company to achieve a digitization that is coherent for each business. Having a partner that can stay ahead of the game while evaluating and advising is essential.

• Security: We cannot conceive digital transformation without robust cybersecurity as a central pillar based on people and technology. Bearing in mind that the pandemic has made us even more technology-dependent, our focus on security allows us to concentrate on the operational continuity of businesses.

• Our fourth and final pillar is that all companies should focus on e-Commerce. We consider it vital to promote commercial management using technology, strategically reach a desired audience, and create authentic connections through e-Commerce in the different industries we participate in.

Finally, the executive states that “(…) extracting the best qualities of new technologies is a huge challenge that is crucial for the years to come. We must think about digital transformation and technology as enablers of business efficiency and operational continuity. The pandemic has changed our view on technology, all the while keeping human capital at the front and center”.