IFX Cloud for ERP, cloud management service for ERP systems

IFX Networks announced its cloud platform, IFX Cloud for ERP, a service that provides the best architecture for the installation, configuration and tuning of a corporate ERP.

The new service is compatible with the most robust and used ERP in the market, is backed by ISO 9001: 2015 Certifications for design, implementation and delivery of cloud services; and ISO 27001: 2013 for the implementation of virtual machines and management services of data centers and security. It is part of the set of managed services in telecommunications and IT that IFX Networks offers in 17 countries in the region.

“The driving force of this model is Cloud Computing, a paradigm that allows access to technology as a service, where and when it is needed”, says Jorge Luque, Regional Planning and Product Manager of IFX Networks. “An example of this concept is precisely IFX Cloud for ERP, a tool that facilitates the development of cloud strategies and the implementation of new business models, with the advantages offered only by the most extensive public-private cloud in Latin America.” he added.

In addition to increasing productivity, it reports the following benefits:

  • Flexibility. Companies select the amount of resources they require in each of the service components.
  • Predictable cash flow. Having hardware and software resources through a service model allows you to control the operating costs each and every month.
  • Business continuity. The infrastructure can be replicated in any of the 12 data centers of IFX Networks at a regional level.
  • Security. Each company has dedicated virtual servers. The information is hosted in data centers that have the highest standards of security, energy and sustainability.
  • Technology and experience. IFX Cloud for ERP is stocked in solid state storage. The service is supported by IFX Networks, a provider with over 10 years of experience in the cloud.
  • Cost reduction. Companies reduce expenses in equipment, maintenance, security and backup.

SAP certification in the category of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations. The guarantor accredits the ability to handle SAP services under the most demanding parameters of quality, safety and experience. The certification backs operations in Colombia, Argentina and Chile, countries where the company has five of the twelve data centers that make up its network.