IFX CLOSE PROTECTION 360, centralized security solution.

Its new solution complements connectivity and cloud services; besides protecting companies from potential Cybercrimes.

Currently we are facing a demand for increased information security, this is due to the increase in threats and the development of new dangers which customers are exposed to on a daily basis.

IFX Networks, in its devotion to improve day by day for its customers and to adapt to market changes, has designed new solution to be added as a service; the IFX Close Protection 360, which was designed in conjunction with its business partner Fortinet, provides regional security solutions that complement connectivity services and proactively protects companies from cybercrime.

In addition, this solution allows us to control access to our customers’ network in order to provide protection and control of applications, it is also possible to detect the information that third parties want to access through the Internet, avoiding external attacks. The fact that it is centralized also optimizes the Internet channel through firewall policies and content control, managing internal, external and web-based access.