Digital Customer Service: Vital management for success

Good customer service can be the differential of a business.  Accordingly, it is essential to have tools that facilitate the process through digital channels.

Buenos Aires, October 28th, 2021 – In 2020,  e-commerce in Argentina grew 124% compared to the previous year and registered a turnover of $ 905,143 million pesos, according to a study carried out by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE – Cámara Argentina de  Comercio Electrónico).  This marks a new trend:  more and more users from all around the country are becoming customers. This implies that customer support must be remote and efficient for customers to have a positive experience regardless of their location.

This aspect is fundamental for the success of any company, regardless of its category or size, to the point that the consumer service is considered even more important than the price of the product.  This is why it is essential to have digital tools that facilitate remote sales management leading to long-term customer retention and loyalty.

However, this is not a simple task, so a customer service administration tool is essential.  For example, an excellent option is a campaign creation tool that manages interactions with customers through calls, chat, email and applications in a single service point  and from any web browser.

“Great customer service can define whether or not a customer decides to purchase a product.  Without a doubt, it is one of the pillars of profitability and the key to the positioning of any business.  This is why it is essential to have management tools that facilitate the purchasing process, to guarantee a positive purchasing and customer service experience, and to turn one-time customers into regulars”, says Eder Castillo, Regional Product Specialist at IFX Networks, a leading managed service provider.

In this sense, IFX Networks has developed a solution with these characteristics: IFX Cloud Contact Center.  Its benefits include:

  • CallBack, a tool which allows customers to request their call to be returned without losing their turn within the service queue.
  •  Phone, web chat, and email compatibility and a self-service based administration.
  •  Easy access to the data regarding interactions carried out in each of the campaigns, facilitating real-time report drafting on key performance indicators.
  •  Customer satisfaction surveys to improve service channel quality.

In addition, the solution is implemented on a cloud architecture, which guarantees uninterrupted operation of the service and gives the customer complete and consistent access to information, with the best response times and without unexpected  crashes.