IFX Mail Protection: advanced email protection

This new security solution offers advanced email protection against next-generation threats.  IFX’s new service guarantees protection against espionage, spam floods, information hijacking risk (ransomware), identity theft attempts (phishing), malicious software downloads (malware) and cyber-attacks. It detects outgoing spam, and differentiates and separates legitimate corporate mail from automated bulk mailings.  Email has become the main attack […]

IFX Networks introduces IFX Cloud Power Server

IFX Networks’ newest service is making a once unattainable technology (due to its cost-benefit relationship) accessible to a broad number of companies, regardless of their business sector. Information is one of the most valuable assets in a company; logically, businesses have strict standards when choosing a cloud infrastructure to store and manage their data. Companies […]

Top 5 advantages of desktop virtualization

IFX Cloud VDI Plus, a solution service from IFX Networks, makes virtual desktop deployment and management significantly smoother. Telecommuting is a practice that most companies had to adopt after the worldwide pandemic started. This divided most companies into two groups: those that had been gradually implementing telework, and those that had not even considered it. […]

SD-WAN networks to speed up Latin America’s digital transformation

Companies will be able to hand over connectivity matters either to experts or through an infrastructure lease scheme. Several countries in Latin America have recently started promoting new projects. Their objective is to create a more innovative and competitive environment through the massive and efficient use of technology. In business environments, one of these trends […]

IFX Networks presents SOCaaS

IFX Networks presents IFX SOCaaS, a comprehensive service that allows you to manage cybersecurity risks on an end-to-end basis.   Part of IFX Networks’ broad portfolio is the SOCaaS (Security Operation Center as a Service). It is a comprehensive service that allows cybersecurity risks to be managed on an end-to-end basis, with a support network […]

How can I take care of my company’s valuable data?

The cloud that can store “oceans” of data in a safe and simple way   Owning a business is no simple task, and every entrepreneur knows exactly how challenging it can be. Ensuring your company’s growth and profitability, establishing appropriate strategies and managing resources are only some of the many challenges entrepreneurs must face. Nevertheless, […]