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IFX Networks has 23 years of experience in the telecommunications market. Present in more than 17 countries in America, we are fully integrated into a regional structure powered by strong partnerships which allow us to provide worldwide solutions. We work under the concept of One-Stop-Shop, which facilitates the operation of our customers’ communications, providing a single point of contact for monitoring and management of service contracts, invoicing, account management and technical support.



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We are a pioneering company in the design of information technology and communication solutions for all industry segments in America. We focus on being a strategic partner for our customers through the latest technology networks, with the highest quality services and supported by the most talented team members while contributing to social responsibility in each country.

To become the most innovative solutions integrator and telecommunications service provider with the largest coverage in America.



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Meet IFX Networks

Integrated management system policy.

Integrated management system policy.

As a pioneering company in designing, supplying and managing IT and communications solutions for different market segments in America, IFX NETWORKS is committed to:

Providing quality services that are up to standard with service requirements and information security levels.

Protecting information confidentiality, integrity, privacy and availability.

Complying with the corresponding regulatory, legal, and contractual requirements.

Continuously improving the company’s comprehensive management system by focusing on key aspects such as quality, service management and information security.


Customer satisfaction.


Managing risks that can interfere with the company’s goals.

SGI Objectives
(Integrated Management System)

  • Provide staff training to develop customer service culture and, subsequently, high standard service management and information security.
  • Provide solutions in line with customer agreements while maintaining continuity, capacity, availability and required security levels.
  • Improve efficiency levels in emergency situations by defining actions against threats or risks and establishing a proactive culture of prevention and improvement.
  • Improve the probability of maintaining critical business functions during operation interruptions.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and company recommendability.
  • Improve efficiency levels of the Comprehensive Management System´s suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness.

IFX Solutions

Develop your business plan and communications in the cloud storing information and corporate applications in the largest public and private cloud of Latin America.

Connect your Company, regardless of location, without altering your business continuity through highly efficient data transfer with high-speed internet.

Maximize security of your corporate content and rely on an extensive spectrum of professional services and data backup for your business applications.


We are a multinational company, leader in providing managed services (MSP) present in all Latin America, providing the largest network of connectivity and infrastructure of localized cloud.

We focus on helping you consolidate your brand through a robust regional structure to become   your strategic business partner locally and regionally. Our large coverage allows us to provide the best customized solutions in more than 17 countries.

Our 19 datacenters are strategically located in the region, which allows us to provide wider coverage for our customers, reduce costs and keep information safe.


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